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Spill-Chek Environmental is a Federal and Provincially registered Aboriginal Company that serves Western Canada, and the Territories and Alaska, with over 25 years of experience in Secondary Containment Systems, turnkey installation as well as a full line of emergency spill response products, implementation and deployment.

Spill-Chek also supplies and install our surface and in ground secondary containment systems as well as our very durable, re-useable flood control products.

We are the exclusive distributor of C.I. Agent in Western Canada, the Territories and Alaska. We supply and install their in-ground systems and water filtration systems. Our C.I Agent products use a complex polymer blend that solidifies and detoxifies fuel, oil and other hydrocarbons for total spill control. We are very confident with our C.I. Agent products because they back their products by offering a $2 million liability insurance against product failure and environmental damage for select products.

Spill-Chek Environmental has a full range of Geomembranes and Poly Liners available for all applications. Including Tank Farms, Ponds, Frac water, Frac Site Spill Control, Mine runoff, Canal Stabilization, settling ponds, Municipal water and waste disposal liners.

Spill-chek  has teamed up with GroundworX (a Spill-Chek wholly owned subsidiaryto provide Erosion and Sediment control products and installation. We have a number of unique products that are used to control erosion or to prevent the release of sediment into the environment. We offer a unique Tackifier product that has exceptional binding properties and is environmentally compatible. We have on staff a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead that can also help you prepare your Erosion and Sediment control plans for your mining, construction, oil and gas or pipeline operations.

Spill-Chek can design and custom build a Solid Wall Panel Containment to meet your needs.
We also offer Dura Life Galvanized Corrugated Steel Containment Systems.

Spill-Chek‘s goal is to assist companies and government to be proactive rather than reactive to minimize human and environmental impact of spills, runoff, soil stabilization and flooding.

Spill-Chek Environmental maintains high safety standards throughout the company. We are COR and ISO 9001 certified and ISNetworld compliant.


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